Great thinkers like Baudelaire or Gautier defended a free and creative stamping emphasizing aesthetics above technical conditions. For over a century, many artists have worked this way. This is part of my work philosophy of placing my work, sometimes, in an ambiguous area between painting and printmaking.

For this reason, in this place you can see some pictures that despite coming from the same matrix, by the way they have been printed, have very different effects, so the copies vary in each edition, departing from the strictness of the rule, laying in an area that can be regarded as unique or as monotype testing.

Also as part of my philosophy, my engraving work is increasingly oriented toward techniques that are less toxic and more sustainable, such as photoetching and additive techniques in intaglio engraving.

As for the images, graphism combines in an expressive style – sometimes spontaneous, sometimes deeply thought about – giving special importance to the line, the print and the textures. Besides prints, there are also paintings, digital and audiovisual creations displayed.